The London Eye Mystery by Siobhan Dowd.
David Fickling Books/Random House: NY, 2007.
Originally published in Oxford, England.

Ted and Kat take their cousin to ride the London Eye (a giant bicycle/ferris wheel) when Salim comes to visit. Salim uses a ticket given by a stranger to go up alone instead of waiting in line. He goes up, but doesn't come down. How's that possible? Ted spends 3 days trying to figure it out. The police and press are called in to help with Salim's disappearance.

As the youngest present, Ted is mostly ignored. His sister Kat, feeling responsible for the situation, enlists Ted, with his analytic brain, to help her find Salim. She tries to do the field work herself, but Ted follows. Ted figures there are 9 possibilities, Kat discusses the options and does some sleuthing. When they get into trouble for leaving the house, not even Kat will listen to Ted. He turns to the detective in charge, and the solution starts to be revealed.

The book is written in an unusual style and takes some getting used to. It's told from the perspective of Ted who has a neurological "syndrome" which causes him to focus on things in a different way. One of the things he chooses to focus on is the weather-all aspects. This helps him to analyze problems. Meteorological information plays a part in his solving the case.

The mystery itself is good. It's unusual and twists a bit. I didn't expect the solution, although I could see it once all the clues started to come together. I highly recommend the story for its uniqueness.

related-mysteries, detective stories, Asperger's syndrome (highly functional), missing children, meteorology, brothers and sisters, cousins, relatives, London, England

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