Lord of Chaos by Robert Jordan.
Book 6 of The Wheel of Time
Tor Fantasy: NY, 1994.

  • The crux of the story is intrigue (multiple characters on all sides hiding their own secrets and agendas) and lack of communication. Traveling and Dreamwalking helps. Each too focused on their own concerns.

  • Asmodean and Lanfear are back, but what about Morraine and Lan?

  • Mat has a cool shield from the Power, but Aes Sedai testing reveals an exception.

  • Nynaeve and Elayne make great discoveries through experimentation - and necessity.

  • I can't believe Alanna Sedai had the gaul to do that! But then, they are all quite arrogant. Even Egwene.

  • Rand has set up schools - for invention and for training followers.

  • The rebels choose an Amyrlin.

  • An army too horrible to unleash.

  • A contest of who will control The Dragon Reborn.

  • Rand needs a new Aes Sedai counselor, if for no other reason than to communicate his motives. Possibly Verin? Or a Wise Woman with cooperation from Aes Sedai?

  • Perrin to the rescue.

  • The first Aes Sedai kneel to the Dragon.

  • Let the Lord of Chaos rule.
RL=YA-adult, adult book, challenging

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