The Magic School Bus originally by Joanna Cole. il. Bruce Degen.
Scholastic Inc: NY.

Besides being a very informative introduction to scientific ideas, the series motivates beginning readers with its witty dialogue and details.
RL=1st-3rd and read aloud to younger

By Joanna Cole: At the Waterworks, and the Electric Field Trip, Explores the Senses, For Lunch, Gets Lost in Space, Gets Planted, Goes Upstream, Going Batty, In the Attic, In the Rain Forest, In the Time of the Dinosaurs, Inside a Beehive, Inside the Human Body, Inside a Hurricane, Inside the Earth, Inside Ralphie, Lost in the Solar System, On the Ocean Floor, Out of This World

By Linda Beech: Gets Ants in Its Pants, Gets Baked in a Cake, Meets the Rot Squad

By George Bloom: Makes a Rainbow

By Gail Herman: Blows Its Top

By Nancy Krulik: Butterfly and the Bog Beast, Hello Out There

By Jane Mason: Ups and Downs

By Joseph Mitchell: Looking for Liz

By Jackie Posner: Shows and Tells

By Patricia Relf: Gets Eaten, Hops Home, Wet All Over

By Tracey Web: Gets Cold Feet, Spins a Web

By Nancy White: Gets a Bright Idea, Gets Programmed, Kicks Up a Storm, Sees Stars, Takes a Dive

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