Me, All Alone, at the End of the World by M. T. Anderson. il Kevin Hawkes.
Candlewick Press: Cambridge, MA, 2005.

A boy lives a peaceful, contemplative life caught up in the adventures and explorations of his own making. Until Mr. Shimmer happens upon his paradise and brings the world to his doorstep with offers of everlasting excitement. Mr. Shimmer's ideas become more and more outrageous luring crowds of people. At first the boy enjoys the new entertainments and friends, but comes to miss his own life.

Though it may not obviously be Maine, the story and illustrations reflect this state that I love (Kevin Hawkes also lives in Maine)-the cliffs, the shore, solitude when tourists are gone, the humongous inn on the cliff, the extravagance of the visitors, and even the caricature of Mr. Shimmer. I too miss the solitude and the beauty of the out-of-the-way places.

Kevin Hawkes's illustrations totally capture the mood of the story. The pictures have a stand alone quality. Mr. Shimmer's sparkle may be alluring, but it sure is nice at the end of tourist season.

related-solitude, solitary life, amusement parks, tourist resorts, exploration, imagination
RL=1st-3rd, read aloud to preK-K

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