Men At Arms by Terry Pratchett.
HarperCollins Publishers: NY, 2008.
Originally published by Victor Gollancz Ltd: Great Britain, 1993.

  • One of the Assassins decides Ankh-Morpork would be better off with its rightful King.

  • Detritus the troll, Cuddy the dwarf, and Angua the werewolf are new recruits with the Night Watch.

  • Sergeant Colon is in charge, since Captain Vimes is leaving the Watch after his marriage to the richest lady in Ankh-Morpork.

  • A new and dangerous weapon, too awful to be allowed to exist (but too fascinating to destroy), is leaving a wake of corpses - a clown, a mechanically inclined dwarf, the assistant to the Queen of Beggars. More targets were sighted, but attempts foiled.

  • Captain Vimes and the Night Watch have been ordered off the case. It is the Assassins Guild's jurisdiction.

  • Everyone knows and likes Corporal Carrot.

  • Freezing Detritus makes him smarter.

  • Cut-me-own-Throat Dibbler expands his menu, for the ethnic crowd.

  • Leonard of Quirm, genius inventor (not to be confused with Bloody Stupid Johnson), has disappeared.

  • Detritus on a recruiting spree.

RL=YA-adult, adult book

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