Merlin and the Dragons by Jane Yolen. il Li Ming.
Puffin Books/Penguin Group: NY, 1995.

This is the best picture book I've seen of the King Arthur stories. It is the only one I've seen in which the illustrations and text are equally good. Maybe the text is better than most because it is approached in a different way.

King Arthur is younger than he is normally portrayed. As a boy king he is woken by dreams of pulling the sword from the stone. To calm and reassure him Merlin tells him the story of Vortigern's fortress and the battle of the dragons. When he hears Uther's name, Arthur questions whether Uther may have had a son who will try to claim the throne, and Merlin tells him that he is Uther's son and the rightful king.

related-King Arthur, Merlin, dragons, boys, mentors
RL=3rd-4th, read aloud

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