Midnighters by Scott Westerfeld.
EOS/HarperCollins Publishers: NY.

The Secret Hour 2004: There are ancient creatures running loose in Bixby, OK. But only in one hour a day-an hour hidden from everyone except those born at midnight. Since Jessica Day moved to town, the creatures have become more predatory. They seem to be after her specifically. In order to survive she must band together with the other midnighters to find what talent she may have which would enable her to protect herself.

The story is mysterious and exciting. Westerfeld is highly imaginative. None of his books so far have been disappointing. The language is not as rich in this book as in others (ex.So Yesterday), but the story is captivating.

Touching Darkness 2004: Jessica and the other midnighters discover a disturbing connection between the midnight hour and daylighters. As they search to find out more, they learn of Bixby, OKlahoma's shadowy past-a time when the midnighters seemed to have disappeared. Changes are happening withi n their group, and a horrifying conspiracy is revealed. Dess is drawn to an old woman who may be the only one who can keep them from disappearing as their predecessors had.

Even more exciting than the first book, it is full of tension and surprises. It is the kind of book you don't want to put down, but you don't want it to end either.

Blue Moon 2005: The Midnighters learn that there is a rip in the wall that separates the blue time-threatening to increase the time and space for the darklings to hunt. Rex has a major identity struggle since his thoughts merged with the darklings in the last book. Part of him now sees humans as prey and reacts in other ways as a darkling. The midnighters also learn more about the history of Bixby, OK, and the past realizations will have a great impact on their future.

An exciting conclusion for the midnighters. Fans of the seer will love it. There is less focus on abilities and more on what's ahead and who they want to be as people.
related-identity, mystery, the hunt, beasts, Sam Hain

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