Moby-Dick by Herman Melville.
Originally published in 3 volumes by Richard Bentley: London, 1851.

If it had not been required reading in college, I most likely would never have read this book. The professor talked much about the main plot in class which I might have totally overlooked if he hadn't discussed it. I have heard many people moan and groan about Moby-Dick. At times I thought maybe Melville needed a better editor to cut out some of the extras. But then I realized that what I loved about the book was the rambling tangents that are so much a part of the book. It's possible that I didn't catch the main theme of the story because I was so enthralled with the extra details. Herman Melville was a master of description. He took topics which normally would have bored me out of my mind and made them fascinating. I did not know until now that the book was published in three volumes. I did know, though, that publishing often worked that way at the time. Perhaps that contributed to the fragmented feel of the work.
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