Monstrous Regiment by Terry Pratchett.
HarperCollins: NY, 2003
Harper paperback 2008.

  • Hair cut and strategically placed socks is all that's needed.

  • Girls, a vampire, an Igor, a troll, and a fanatic

  • "You'll walk with Death every day, but I've seen 'im and he's been known to wink."

  • "It's like the whole world spins around your socks."

  • "A woman always has half an onion left over, no matter what the size of the onion, the dish, or the woman."

  • Commander Vimes relies on buzzard messages.

  • De Worde and Otto his photographer capture a pivotal truth.

  • Someone absconded with the coffee that keeps Maladict from wanting blood.

  • Undisguised girls, plus a thespian officer, disguised as washerwomen to retake the Keep

  • Commander Vimes and the buzzard manipulate events.

  • "You needed a lack of graphic imagination to talk about personal issues with an Igor."

  • The girls free the soldiers, who in turn imprison them.

  • The dead Duchess speaks through Wazzer.

  • Girls/women in the Borogravian military more common than expected

  • Sergeant Jackrum's long military service and surprising influence

  • One concept inflated to ridiculous heights. Of course, this describes many Pratchettisms.

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