Mr. George Baker by Amy Hest. il Jon J. Muth.
Candlewick Press: Cambridge, MA, 2004.

George Baker and Harry are friends. They seem to be neighbors enjoying hanging out together. George Baker as a grandfatherly figure. He's 100 years old and a famous drummer. Harry representing the young and liveliness that old people often appreciate.

It turns out to be much more than that. They are waiting for the school bus together. Both are learning to read, and they are supporting each other in their goal.

The story is fun and anticipatory. It just barely touches on the issue of reading, concentrating on their friendship. The illustrations are lovely. Light with the same feeling of anticipation and enjoyment of life.

related-literacy, old age, friendship, African-Americans, music
RL=1st-2nd, read aloud to toddler-1st

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