New Spring by Robert Jordan.
A prequel to The Wheel of Time series.
TOR/Tom Doherty Associates: NY, 2004.


  • Lan Mandragoran called to fight the Blight and accruing followers

  • Moiraine Damodred and Siuan Sanche as Accepted

  • Death by Foretelling

  • An Aes Sedai hunt for the Dragon Reborn is on, and Moiraine and Siuan intend to be the ones to find him.

  • Elaida already the enemy

  • Moiraine's connection to the Sun Throne and Aes Sedai plotting

  • Copying lists, a perfect way to narrow the search

  • A closer look at the Ajahs

  • Moiraine and Siuan become Aes Sedai.

  • Siuan is recruited to spy network, and Moiraine sneaks out of Tar Valon.

  • Indications of the Black Ajah

  • Moiraine and Cadsuane both notice the shrinking of the Aes Sedai.

  • The meeting of Moiraine and Lan

  • Warder's pledge

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