Night Wings by Joseph Bruchac.
HarperCollins Publishers: NY, 2009.

There is a mythical winged being inhabiting the top of Mount Washington in the Presidential range of New Hampshire. It is said that Pmola protects an ancient treasure in the region. Treasure hunters force Paul and his grandfather to guide them to the treasure. The grandfather is the expert on Abenaki legend in the area, and his familial ancestors have kept the stories through time. Paul has been raised to use his senses for observation, to control emotions that cloud thinking, to communicate in many ways, and to use all of his resources in solving his problems. His family training should serve him well in his dealing with these heartless kidnappers.

The story is in parts: the mystery of the legendary creature, the adventure of the kidnapping and treasure hunt, the aspects of Abenaki tradition and certain family abilities. The anticipation of the adventure is greater than I expected. The story starts with Paul being chased by the winged creature. Glimpses are seen throughout. Sightings too large to be a bird follow Paul at home and on the trails. We know it is only a matter of time. That is the biggest impression I had, the anticipation.

I also enjoyed the pure reading experience. Joseph Bruchac is an experienced and lauded storyteller. Much of what he has written has been based on tales passed down. But he is a master at weaving the language. I always feel a sense of awesome history attached to his writing. I suppose because he draws so much from tradition.

related-Abenaki Indians, Indians of North America, Northeastern states, New Hampshire, Mount Washington, monsters, mystery
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