Orphan Train Children Series by Joan Lowery Nixon
Books #1-4 Bantam Books. #5-8 Delacorte Press

A family Apart 1987
Caught in the Act 1988
In the Face of Danger 1988
A Place to Belong 1989
A Dangerous Promise 1994
Keeping Secrets 1995
Circle of Love 1997
Lucy's Wish 1998

This is an incredibly moving series for such short books. A woman reads to her grandchildren from a diary kept by one of the orphan children. The writer was the eldest of a large Irish family whose father died in New York City and the mother could not support the children. The children's adoption is based on a foster program set up to give the children on the streets a better life. It took place in the 1800s, during the Civil War. Part of the idea was to supply western pioneering families with children. There are stories appealing to both girls and boys.

A Family Apart: The first book of the series is told by Frances, the oldest girl. She explains why they are being sent west, describes the families who take them in, and her experiences with her new family.
related-foster homes, brothers and sisters, underground railroad, orphan train

Caught in the Act: Mike's new family has a strict father who mostly wants free labor and a son bent on getting rid of him. They are hiding a terrible secret. Mike believes his safety and that of his new friends lies in exposing the secret.
related-foster homes, family secrets, troublemakers, friendship

A Place to Belong: Danny and Peg go to live with a kind couple, but the wife is sick and weak. They both grow quickly to love her and must accept her passing. Danny concocts a brilliant plan to have his mother marry his new father. It's a great idea, but can life work out that smoothly?
related-foster homes, slavery and abolitionists, kidnapping, remarriage, farm life, Missouri history

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