The Other Teddy Roosevelts by Mike Resnick.
Subterranean Press: Burton, MI, 2008.

Found on an alternate history website (, the title and brief description intrigued me. I did not realize it was sci fi short stories or that they were all by the same author, published over several years.

Not all of the stories are sci fi, and even those have a strongly historical feel. Out of his respect for Teddy Roosevelt and his exploits, the author has created stories that expand the legend of Roosevelt. In so doing, he has altered the path of Roosevelt's life and extrapolated. Before each story and in a separate section there is historical information explaining Teddy Roosevelt's character and actions which were used as a springboard for the alternate stories.

Stories include Roosevelt's solving of the Jack the Ripper case, a vampire cooperating with him as the police commissioner of New York City, active duty during WWI, an attempt to forge a democracy in the Congo, support of women's suffrage, a reaction to H. G. Wells' Martian invaders, and what may have been different if his wife Alice had lived.

All of the stories are based on Roosevelt's life and character. Certain points are touched on again and again. The stories are highly entertaining and at times enlightening. I don't agree with all of Resnick's conclusions, but I enjoyed the stories, and I agree that Roosevelt commands respect. I'm not a fan of hunting and war, but even those stories showed insight into Roosevelt's actions.
RL=YA-adult (adult book)

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