Our Gracie Aunt by Jacqueline Woodson. il Jon J. Muth.
Jump at the Sun/Hyperion Boooks for Children: NY, 2002.

BeeBee and Johnson are taken to live with their mom's sister when their mom disappears for a few days. Aunt Gracie cares for their needs, gives them love and security, and talks to them about her love for their mother. They get the chance to visit their mom, and then go back to stay with Aunt Gracie for a while.

This is an excellent book. It would certainly be a good book to share with children in similar circumstances. It would also be good for adults to read for an example of how to talk to kids in need. The book is gentle and reassuring in a heart-wrenching situation. Trust and forgiveness are explored in the story. The sisters argued and grew apart, so the kids don't know their aunt when they go to live with her. I don't know, though, how kids not exposed to a neglectful situation would respond. Would they want to hear or read it? Maybe, 3rd or 4th graders. Maybe they would read it if it is a book displayed or in a classroom. As for reading it aloud, I don't think I could read it without crying myself. Maybe if I read it several times first.

The illustrations are nice, but not noteworthy. They are less a part of the story than Muth's usual work.

related-brothers and sisters, family, neglect, foster care, aunts, African-Americans
RL=cover says K-4th

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