Painting the Wind by Michelle Dionetti. il Kevin Hawkes.
Little, Brown and Company: Boston, 1996.

Claudine helps her mother clean Vincent van Gogh's house in Arles. She sees him busily painting all over town and inside when it rains. She peeks at his paintings and tries to imitate his style before the hearth at home. She observes the townspeople's reactions to the painter, helps to prepare for his friend Paul Gauguin's visit, and finally finds the courage to tell Vincent she likes his paintings when the villagers force Vincent to leave Arles.

Kevin Hawkes's oil paintings reflect Vincent van Gogh's work as Claudine learns to see the way Vincent does. The colors are mostly not as bright and wild, but still reminiscent. Muted, possibly to reflect the somber story. I did also enjoy the story. It's a different glimpse of van Gogh, a different way of connecting to an artist-inspiring others, especially the young.

related-Vincent van Gogh, Arles, France, artists, painting and painters, intolerance
*Would like to compare to Camille and the Sunflowers by Laurence Anholt, but haven't been able to get the book yet.

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