Listen to the Wind by Greg Mortenson & Susan L. Roth.
Dial Books for Young Readers/Penguin Group: NY, 2009.

This is an adaptation of Three Cups of Tea by Mortenson and David Oliver Relin. The story is an account of his mission to build a school for the remote village of Korphe, Pakistan, after the villagers cared for him when he was lost in the mountains. This version of the events is told from the children's viewpoint. Amazing things told in a matter-of-fact style. It must have seemed like a miracle to them. The children ask "Can you hear our voices?" I can certainly hear the excitement.

The illustrations are multi-media, painted backgrounds with the school and people as collages. There are photos of the actual village at the end. The backgrounds are my favorite part of the pictures, but the combination works well for the story.

The story is what most impresses me about the book. It's exciting and needs to be shared. I first saw the picture book, but what is even more exciting is the story from which it was adapted.

related-rural schools, Pakistan, hospitality, friendship, mountain village
RL=2nd-4th, read aloud to toddlers-1st, use for geography 1st-3rd grades

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