Free Fall by David Wiesner.
Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Books/William Morrow & Company: NY, 1988.
Caldecott Honor 1989.

Not many picture book illustrators are so successful in capturing a whole story as Wiesner is. He has taken M. C. Escher's concept of tessellations, brought them close up, and made them real. He blends reality and fantasy with a remarkable effect. Then it all turns out to be a dream after all, influenced by objects in the boy's room. Every picture is a work of art by itself-and also a possible story starter for creative writing. It is also an excellent book to use for art lessons. A book to pour over again and again noticing new details every time. The artwork is amazing and delightful. One of the best picture books I've seen.

I did some research on the book and author because my husband said he saw something similar in an old comic strip, Little Nemo in Slumberland. The comic has adventures in dream lands, but other than that it didn't seem closely related to me. I checked other reviews and was surprised no one mentioned M. C. Escher. However, I did see a very negative review. The review said that young children wouldn't see the logic connecting the pictures and that it would not appeal to older children. I disagree with both points. Young children are often not given credit for their ability to understand. If they look closely (as young children do), they can understand. Also, if adults can be excited about picture books (as many parents, teachers, and librarians can confirm), then the book can appeal to older children. Excellent picture books are enjoyable for all ages.
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