Under the Night Sky by Amy Lundebrek. il Anna Rich.
Tilbury House, Publishers: Gardiner, ME, 2008.

The subject of the book is the phenomenal occurrence of the Aurora Borealis. Because of the elusiveness of the Lights, my family has only one time seen an awesome display, though we have a few times seen white, quirky movement.

In the story, a child's nightly routine is interrupted by his mother's surprise demand to get dressed to leave. She says there's nothing wrong but does not explain the interruption or hurry. Her excitement and happiness are soon conveyed. On leaving their apartment building, they find others congregating in the parking lot. The mother encourages the group to sit on the hood of the car, and then instructs all to look up. The importance of the moment is immediately apparent.

One of the best thoughts of the book is the child's realization that "Mama woke me up just to share this with me." I was also touched by the sharing of the community, a rare experience nowadays, especially for a happy event instead of tragedy.

I love the illustrations, too. They go from a somber, sleepy dark to bright, funky colors. They almost have a photographic quality, capturing the awe and emotion of the viewers.

A bonus for me is that it is by an independent publisher. Surprise, surprise - in Maine.

related-auroras, neighbors, single-parent families, mothers and sons, communities, celestial occurrences, observing the sky
RL=1st-3rd, read aloud with toddlers-1st

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