Blue Aliens! An Adventure in Color by Tony Porto and 3CD.
Little, Brown and Company: NY, 2003.

This has got to be one of the most imaginative color focused books. A boy's mind wanders through a school day, triggered by a late night watching a scary movie. He's decided there are blue aliens eating everything blue. Each blue object spurs a random factual thought. His mind jumps from his missing jeans and blueberry to the sky to water to whales and music to lined paper and sticky stars. Last of all to his teacher who may or may not be an alien.

A very funny book. It has fairly simple humor, but it is all over the place, just as young children tend to think. It has some absolutley perfect moments, such as the mom alien and the teacher's smile.

The design is a little random. It is appealing anyway, and it suits the text. Vivid and closeup, with handwritten font style and tiny text for facts, like an afterthought.

related-colors, blue and green, space aliens, schools, humorous stories
RL=1st, read aloud with preK-K

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