365 Penguins by Jean-Luc Fromental and Joëlle Jolivet.
Abrams Books for Young Readers: NY, 2006 (English language edition).
Originally Naïve Livres: Paris, 2006.

Someone with an odd sense of humor is sending a family a penguin each day with notes to take care of them. At first, it's just strange and mysterious, but several problems arise: feeding them all, their desire to be in water, keeping them (and the house) clean, etc.

The book is hysterical. The penguins are cute as they multiply, and their antics are amusing. There are some math concepts added in, but the main focus is the hilarity of the situation. The illustrations are visually appealing and full of great details, like Chilly with the blue feet (sort of an I Spy element, or the penguin paint footprints). Certain page spreads are just fabulous: the stacking of the penguins to count them, the housing solution, the penguins in the shower, and thinking penguin.

It is a must read picture book. Fun for the whole family, not just little ones. For those interested in other languages, there are French and Spanish editions also.

related-penguins, care of animals, conservation, counting
RL=1st-2nd, read aloud to younger, all ages

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