The Loon Spirit by Phil Harper. il by Mark Coyle.
NorthWord Press, Inc: Minocqua, WI, 1995.

I picked out this book, because of the beautiful illustrations. All through the book, just gorgeous. They look pointilistic, in pastel colors. It looks like colored pencils, but the book does not indicate. Flowing feathers with a mystical feel.

The story also is mystical. The Loon Spirit awakes after the frozen winter and proceeds to warm and wake the earth. With Spring in full swing, the Loon Spirit changes into a common loon and rests until needed again. In the coolness of Fall, the loon transforms back into the spirit and gathers the warmth for safekeeping through the winter. The keeper's call warns the other creatures to prepare for the winter.

The text is lyrical, with a traditional ponderance to add to the momentous event. It matches the artwork well, though the illustrations are still the main attraction. Read aloud by a good storyteller, that could be a different story.

related-seasons, especially Spring and Winter, nature, animals, cycles
RL=K-2nd, read aloud to toddlers-K

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