Sidewalk Circus presented by Paul Fleischman and Kevin Hawkes.
Candlewick Press: Cambridge, MA, 2004.

As two children (at different times) wait on a bench for the next city bus, they watch workers and activity along the city street. They imagine the city dwellers as circus performers as they go about their tasks. Posters of a circus event a man is putting up and a theater marquee announce each act. Their shadows and actions mirror the posters.

This is one of my favorite Kevin Hawkes books. I love both the idea and the presentation. Watching people in a busy area can be quite entertaining, and this almost wordless book perfectly captures the concept. The shadow-work subtly emphasizes the children's imaginative perceptions. The pictures of the city life are art in themselves.

It is an imaginative and witty story told through the wonderful pictures and circus and market signs. Beautiful work!

related-circus, city and town life, stories without words, imagination, shadows, observation, people-watching
RL=toddler & up, all ages

*I find the subject matter highly appropriate for Kevin Hawkes because of his extensive use of shadow in his art.

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