Picture Pie by Ed Emberley.
Little, Brown and Company: Boston, 1984.

Emberley shows how circles can be cut into 4 basic shapes and the pieces fit together to form limitless designs. The pictures range from very basic with step by step graphics to quite complex. There are also suggestions for variations, such as cutting differently or using printed paper.

I was excited to find this book, because it is a technique my mother told me she used in her art class for elementary grades. It teaches that art on a basic level is shapes and also can be an introduction to fractions.

To encourage children's natural desire to create sometimes requires showing them how to have an end product that is great. Simple projects like this help them to succeed, and so, they will keep creating. While the process is what is most important, a child who doesn't feel successful in art will stop creating. I did not learn until I was an adult that practice is essential, and that I can also be happy with my creations if I continue to try.

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