Pieces: A Year in Poems & Quilts by Anna Grossnickle Hines.
Greenwillow Books/HarperCollins Publishers: NY, 2001.

Seasons of the year grace Pieces with nature poems and quilts. Hines constructed the lovely quilts specifically for the book, showing a few different techniques. The actual sizes of the quilts are about the same as the pages. I particularly like that some of the quilts are shown as pieces and then sewn together. I also enjoyed seeing quilts as the medium. I've seen picture books with illustrations made to look like quilts, but this is the first for actual quilts. Notice also the use of borders on the quilts.

Hines's language for the poems is mostly playful with descriptive words, varying in rhythm and sound. The poems I especially enjoyed are Good Heavens (which seems to be a centerpiece of the book), Ballet (a dancing crow), Do You Know Green? (a spring poem), To Each His Own (swirling maples), and Winter Sunshine (the last roses).

Hines discusses quilting techniques she used, at the end of the book. Her personal experience makes the book even more enjoyable.

related-nature, seasons, quilts, children's poetry
RL=3rd and up, read aloud to preK-2nd

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