Redwall by Brian Jacques
Philomel Books. Originally by Hutchinson Ltd: Great Britain.

Redwall 1986
Mossflower 1988
Mattimeo 1989
Mariel of Redwall 1991
Salamandastron 1992
Martin the Warrior 1993
The Bellmaker 1994
Outcast of Redwall 1995
Pearls of Lutra 1996
The Long Patrol 1997
Marlfox 1998
The legend of Luke 1999
Lord Brocktree 2000
Taggerung 2001
Triss 2002
Loamhedge 2003
Rakkety Tam 2004
High Rhulain 2005
Eulalia 2007

In all of the Redwall books, peace-loving animals join together for a bit of adventure in defending their homes or their friends against evil, roving bandits and tyrants. Jacques applies a medieval format to the lives of woodland creatures. Each type of animal has familiar, humorous traits. The villains are wonderful in their nastinesss.

The strength is in the lively characters, outrageous dialogue, and masterful use of language. For younger readers it is a positive thing that the books mostly follow the same basic storyline with similar characters but with some twists and variations. As individual books they are quite enjoyable. In fact, the first six are excellent. I would, however, recommend not reading one right after another, since there is a battle in every book (I am sure that would not hinder most boys). There are some good elements in the stories for girls, too, such as the riddles, feasts, and good fellowship. This is an excellent series to start reading aloud, since Brian Jacques developed Redwall through storytelling before he became a writer. Most children will want to continue on their own.

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