The Safe-Keeper's Secret by Sharon Shinn.
Viking/Penguin Group: 2004.

Damiana is a safe-keeper. Villagers of Tambleham and outsiders come to her to share the burden of their secrets knowing she is bound to keep the secrets safe. While she is giving birth to her own child, the King's Safe-Keeper delivers a secret to her doorstep- a child. The two children are raised as if they were twins, loved equally by Damiana, her sister, and her circle of friends which includes a Truth-Teller (bound to tell the truth), an herbalist, and a Dream-Maker (who has a power within her that changes wishes to reality). There comes a time when the fathers of both children are important, as is the children's relationship.

Though the idea of a noble being raised by a villager has been done over and over, Shinn's unfolding world is interesting. I enjoyed the friendship that binds Damiana's circle. I also think Fiona (her daughter) is a strong character, and I am looking forward to reading more of the series.

I was drawn to the series and author by a short story I read of Shinn's in Firebirds Rising. The story is called Wintermoon Wish.

related-secrets, villages, friendship, strong female characters

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