Second Sight by Gary Blackwood.
Dutton Children's Books/Penguin Group: NY, 2005.

The setting is Washington, D.C. during the Civil War. Joseph meets the conspirators of a plot against Abraham Lincoln while performing with his father as a mind reader at the theaters. There is an alternate (altered) ending to the historic story. Joseph's new friend, Cassandra, sees visions of the plot, and so the two join forces to figure out the plans and warn Lincoln.

If you do not already know the details of Lincoln's assassination, I recommend that you read about it before reading this novel. The story will have more significance.

Suggested Books:
The Day Lincoln Was Shot by Jim Bishop. Harper Collins: 1955.
This book was popular in years past, so many libraries would have it. It's easy to read and has many interesting facts. The Lincoln Murder Plot by Karen Zeinert. The Shoe String Press: North Haven, 1999.
This book is short, and most of it deals with the trial of the conspirators. However, it has sufficient information to understand the plot.

Suggested Websites:
Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln Assassination Trial

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