Shattered: Stories of Children and War ed. by Jennifer Armstrong.
Alfred A. Knopf: NY, 2002.

The United Nations reports that armed conflicts kill and maim more children than soldiers. Besides this fact, I learned as a homeschool teacher that starvation, toxification of drinking water, sudden homelessness and random killing from bombs, shelling and strafing are universal happenings in wars. They are the norm and are even used strategically by ALL governments to conquer.

"The juxtaposition of youth and war haunts me. They say war isn't an appropriate subject for young people, and you know what? I agree. But war doesn't care. That's why I decided to put this book together."
   Jennifer Armstrong

I believe that our country (US) is involved so regularly in wars, because the bulk of our people can choose not to think about what war is, since they haven't been happening here. Many of our military personnel were able to fight in their wars from a distance as well (ex. bombings). However, children in areas where warring happens cannot escape it, and often cannot survive it. Young adults tend to think about the horror and morality of war during wartime even if far removed from the reality of it. But how can they come to any real decision if the reality of war is not a part of their analysis?

These stories are a sampling of various wars and circumstances. There is the sense that they could be any war. Many issues are included, from refugees to children enlisting to war resistors to conscientious objectors to destruction of homes, and even two children's improved circumstances due to abandoned homes.

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