The Talking Earth by Jean Craighead George.
Harper & Row, Publishers: NY, 1983.
author of Julie of the Wolves Newbery Award 1973

Billie Wind is asked to choose her punishment for scoffing at the tribe's legends. She chooses something she thinks is ridiculous believing that it will not be carried out. The council agrees to the punishment-24 hours alone in the swamp to listen to the animals talk. Circumstances spin out of her control, and that time lengthens to 12 weeks. In that time she learns to survive by listening to what the animals tell her. She also acknowledges that the earth must be protected because the animals know more about the earth and survival than humans. While humans could conceivably move to another planet, the animals would be left behind to die.

The story focuses on living with animals, communicating with them, and learning from them. Billie Wind shows concern about the destruction of the environment throughout the story. By the end she has gained a greater understanding of her people's legends.
related-Seminoles, Native Americans, Everglades, ecology, animal, survival

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