TeenVestor.com by Emmanuel Modu and Andrea Walker.
Gateway Publishers: Newark, NY, 2001.

This is a great resource for beginners to understand investment choices (teens and adults). It is straightforward and fairly easy, but does require some focus. There is a section on teaching children the importance of saving money, how to save, and managing money. A simple, teen-based business is used to illustrate the concepts of investment statements and balance sheets. Then this is compared to a larger company. The last third of the book deals with stock market terms, understanding the market, and learning how to choose investments.

The book has a partner website to help with hands-on learning as well as assignments throughout the book. There is resource information such as industry publications, educational websites addresses, research and business news, and a list of online brokers.

The book is a starting point. Enough to understand initial choices and monitoring. Hopefully, the resources listed will help readers to continue educating themselves about this important moneymaking tool.

I believe investing has become very important, and I want to help my children to make wise choices. But it should be noted that the economy is much weaker than it was even in 2001, when the book was published. Invest with extreme caution! Invest only what you can afford to lose, and pick companies that are not likely to tank if more banks close. Or if you can risk some, invest in companies that you believe in and want to help succeed or weather difficulties.

I did find the book informative and helpful, as a relative beginner. If you read it and notice the blatant self-advertising (address throughout the book, address as title), remember the info is important enough to keep reading.

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