Thief of Time by Terry Pratchett.
HarperCollins Publishers: NY, 2008.
Originally published by Doubleday 2001.


  • There is no time but the present.

  • There was a hammering on Mrs. Ogg's door - three times through the years. The best midwife was needed.

  • Jeremy Clockson lives and breathes for the accuracy of his clocks. He and Igor have a perfect working relationship.

  • The Glass Clock of Bad Schüschein, the legendary accurate clock is commissioned, and time is ticking to a stopping place.

  • Death persuades his granddaughter Susan to meddle on his behalf.

  • A travelling classroom - through time and space.

  • Monks of the Order of Wen manipulate the flow of time, while not practicing okidoki, shiitake, upsidazi, no-kando, sna-fu, and deja-fu.

  • Apprenticeship to the Sweeper - punishment or honor?

  • Mr. Soak the Dairyman, because everyone wants the freshest milk and yogurt possible.

  • We R Igors: A Spare Hand When Needed

  • Lu-Tze's Garden of Five Surprises

  • Bonzai mountains for those with extra time on their hands.

  • Wisdom comes from the Way of Mrs. Marietta Cosmopilite.

  • And don't forget Rule One.

  • The Auditors take shape but can be stopped by chocolate and conundrums.

  • Slicing time - travelling and patching.

  • The Five Horsemen personified.

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