The Three Questions by Jon J. Muth.
Scholastic Press: NY, 2002.

This is a retelling for children of a story with the same name by Leo Tolstoy. In the retelling, a boy searches for the answer to three important questions he believes will help him to always be a good person. His friends' answers don't satisfy him, so he asks wise, old Leo, the turtle. Events that happen during his visit with Leo illustrate the answers to his questions.

This book is a prime example of Jon Muth's style-both writing and paintings. Gently teaching anecdotes, with animals as friends, and beautiful, inspiring watercolor illustrations. His books have a wonderful simplicity about them, yet they are fraught with emotion.

related-conduct of life, animals, Leo Tolstoy, friendship, helping others
RL=2nd-3rd, mostly read aloud to toddler-1st

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