Thud! by Terry Pratchett.
HarperCollins Publishers: NY, 2005.
part of Discworld series

Ultra-condensed Thud!
  • War between the dwarfs and trolls - almost.
  • Thud! goes a troll's club on Hamcrusher's head (a deep-down mystical leader of the dwarfs) down in the dwarfs' mine.
  • The dwarfs aren't too keen on having a murder investigation.
  • Vetinari sends an investigator to report on the workings of the Ankh-Morpork Watch (police force).
  • Two women, a werewolf and a vampire (natural enemies), are forced to explore the confines of the mine together.
  • A miraculous end to the dwarf-troll skirmish (thanks to scheming by Vimes).
  • A talking cube is the treasure to be found.
  • Thou shalt not erase words!
  • Mr. Shine, urban legend or the true troll king, pays the Watch a visit.
  • Thud! is a game dwarfs and trolls play to understand each other.
  • The Summoning Dark (an eye with a tail) is coming for the guilty.
  • Death has a near-Vimes experience.
  • The Guarding Dark watches the Watchman.
  • Commander Vimes: saved by the book, Where's My Cow?

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