Tough Boris by Mem Fox. il Kathryn Brown.
Harcourt Brace & Company: NY, 1994.

First of all, the cover and first page grabbed my attention. I was disappointed to see the text is rather plain, but looking closer I noticed there is a story unfolding in the pictures. An unusual background story that gives the simple text more strength. The story is brought to the foreground by the ending. I had to go back through several pages to notice that it was there from the beginning.

The book has fabulous stand-alone illustrations, with half of them as two-page spreads. Perfect for lovers of detail who scour the pictures for meaning. The use of color and details capture the testosterone-pumping drama. Mem Fox couldn't have found a more perfect match.

I know I have seen many other pirate stories. Some of them did capture my attention temporarily, but I don't remember any standing out so well.

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