Trapped by Roderic Jeffries.
Harper & Row, Publishers: NY, 1972.

Gerry Stevens listens to the weather report at lunch and leaves to visit his grandparents. Bert Holdman just bought a used gun and heads to the river for duck hunting. The two boys meet in town, and Bert challenges Gerry to join him.

The crew of police launch Delta Delta One Four expect the patrol on the river to be hazardous when they hear the forecast of strong winds, heavy snow and unusually high tides. When they receive the call about a missing boy, they assume he is with friends instead of doing what was expected of him. Not until 5 hours after Gerry and Bert leave their homes do the police start to get evidence that the boys may be in trouble and begin the search on the river. The mudflats range too far up and down the river to find the boys without more information. Luckily, they do receive more clues, but can they be found before the tide covers the mudflats?

The story equally covers the survival of the boys on the mudflats and the search and rescue attempts on their behalf. There are extraneous circumstances to muddle the search as well. The story is unusual and suspenseful. It's quite an interesting read for middle grade readers.
related-high interest, adventure, survival, search and rescue, estuary, river life, character

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