The Turnip by Walter de la Mare. il Kevin Hawkes.
David R. Godine, Inc: Boston, 1992

Walter de la Mare's version of The Turnip, originally a folktale by the Brothers Grimm, is smooth and forceful. It is a beloved tale told again and again, perhaps none more clearly than this.

Two brothers with separate lives-one a hardworking farmer, the other a miser-approach the king. The farmer gives the king his wondrous turnip and is given favor in return. The miser trades his wealth for a jewel to give to the king. His reputation proceeds him, and he is given a slice of his brother's turnip. The comparison of the brothers reflects the difference in character and also the wealth in life that is not about money and stuff. This is, again, a very didactic tale made enjoyable through the depth of the story and magnificent pictures.

The richness and exaggeration of the illustrations are perfect. The borders are brilliant. Several of the pictures are fantastic on their own and would make great story starters, but they also work well to emphasize the story.

related-fairy tales, folklore-Germany, Brothers Grimm, generosity and greed, kings, brothers
RL=2nd-3rd, mostly read aloud to pre-K and up

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