Unseen Academicals by Terry Pratchett.
HarperCollins Publishers: NY, 2009.

  • Oh, the Megapode!

  • The Emperor - the candle that never goes out

  • Archchancellory rivalry

  • Romeo and Juliet of football fans, plus Cinderella, with a tad of Cyrano

  • Boundary lines made by crowd pushing and shoving, and the goals are movable by fans.

  • The watcher who scores and breaks the goal post

  • Inspiration for painting Beauty Arising from the Pease Pudding Cart Attended by Cherubs Carrying Hot Dogs and Pies

  • The Librarian takes an interest in Nutt.

  • Another near Death experience

  • "It was hard to argue with a man who insisted that he was not dead."

  • Nutt performs self-hypnosis.

  • "I do have some heads on ice if anyone wants to experiment."

  • Ponder Stibbons - more than 50% of the University Council

  • The game of foot-the-ball comes out of the streets to be revamped by the authorities, Lord Vetinari and the wizards of UU. It now has rules instead of being a big shove match.

  • Rule 202 - replacement of the ball

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