Will the Circle Be Unbroken? by Studs Terkel.
The New Press: NY, 2001.

Studs Terkel is known for his style of recording interviews of a cross-section of the population. In this book, he has excerpts with people who have been greatly touched personally by death, mostly but not all, people who work in professions in which death is related. Several aspects of death and dying are discussed, and so naturally life as well. The people talk about their beliefs, their observations of others, their pain or struggling. They talk about how they have been changed by death in some way, about how they look at life differntly.

This book and Coming of Age: The Story of Our Century By Those Who've Lived It are my favorites of Terkel's books. It is an in depth study of death and life, with people pouring out their hearts, people who have obviously thought long and hard about the subject. I am impressed by the thoughtful discussion of people you would find throughout the community. It is also more polished, more intellectual than the others by him I have read.

I would recommend it highly for people who are struggling with the death of a loved one. I found it comforting regarding my mom's death.

related-medical professionals, ministers, caretakers, funeral directors, social activists, soldiers, emergency technicians, family relationships
RL=adult, accessible to YA

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