Wingwalker by Rosemary Wells. il Brian Selznick.
Hyperion Books for Children: NY, 2002.

The dust storms come to Ambler, Oklahoma, and the town shrivels and closes down as farmers lose their crops and leave. Reuben's father answers a want ad for a carnival wingwalker position. After some argument from his mom, the family joins the carnival workers. His father lives the dream of a lifetime, and he and his mom stay busy to keep from worrying.

Colorful atmosphere and characters are displayed in this interesting Depression story of a family's summer jaunt with the circuit of county fairs of the Midwest. The story just touches on the seriousness of the setting.

This is a lovely, young chapter book with high interest subject matter. The characters are ordinary people working oddly interesting jobs. There is something for Reuben to learn from all of the characters, and he even has a chance to confront a fear that plagues him.

The pictures are more realistic in keeping with the serious themes. There are some wonderful details for those looking closely, and the cover art is gorgeous.

related-fairs, stunt flying, fear, Depression, 1929, fathers and sons, Minnesota, transitional book

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