Winter's Heart by Robert Jordan.
Book 9 of The Wheel of Time
Tor Fantasy: NY, 2000.

  • A member of the Black Ajah found in the White Tower, with Oaths forcibly removed and readministered. A claim that Elaida is Black Ajah. Galina also - and denial.

  • Elayne and Aviendha become first-sisters through a ceremonial rebirthing.

  • Wonders happening at Rand's Academy of Cairhien. Logain leading his own community of Asha'man with 51 captured Aes Sedai, 2 of them bonded to him.

  • Faile, Maighdin (Queen Morgase), Queen Alliandre, Lacile, Bain and Chiad taken gai'shain by the Shaido Aiel. An offer they can't refuse.

  • The bonding of Rand

  • Mat meets the Daughter of the Nine Moons.

  • Sul'dam with a change of heart? In cahoots with Aes Sedai?

  • An attempt on the Daughter-Heir of Andor's life, prompting the start of an all-women guard led by Birgitte and a supposed savior.

  • Rand asks for the guidance of Cadsuane Sedai.

  • The cleansing of saidin brings 6 of the Forsaken, separately, and a battle between them and Rand's protectors ensues.

  • A Darkfriend among the protectors revealed, possibly Black Ajah.

  • The start of true Asha'man loyalty to Rand?

RL=YA-adult, adult book

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