Book of the Month for February 2008

This month I have too many books to choose from for the Book of the Month. How to choose? I’m going to have to go with Click, a collaborative novel by 10 excellent authors. I decided that Wednesday Wars by Gary D. Schmidt, being a Newbery Honor book, will get the attention it deserves. The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor(1st book of series, but 2nd is new) is also exciting, as is The Great Tree of Avalon (1st book of The Child of the Dark Prophecy by T. A. Barron-3rd book is new).

REVIEW of Click

3 Responses to “Book of the Month for February 2008”

  1. minerva66 Says:

    I happened to notice Click in a nearby Barnes and Noble. I was irked because it was on the bottom shelf, barely noticeable in their new section. I wanted to tell them that they should move it up where people could see it, since it is such a good book. I didn’t, but I might next time.
    The store usually has a good selection of new books. Now I wonder if they know what they are doing. Many of the books they have spotlighted don’t look near as good.

  2. Colin Says:

    Sounds like a great book. What bookstore section wouls it be in?

  3. minerva66 Says:

    The book is a young adult book. If they have a new fiction section for teens, that is where it should be.
    When I started reading it, I expected it to be short stories. In a way, it is, but it is more cohesive than any short story book I’ve read. I believe it is being marketed as a novel. Again, very much like a role-playing story.
    I don’t know if anyone else has used this collaborative concept, but these authors have done an excellent job.

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