Year of Reading Dangerously-Feb and Mar

I have actually started my selection for Feb but just barely. It is Deryni Checkmate, 2nd of The Chronicles of the Deryni by Katherine Kurtz. It is part of a larger adult fantasy series from the early 1970s. The tone is strongly historical/medieval with intermingling and clashing of political, religious, and magical interests. It was lent to me by my friendly local librarian who raves about the author and series. She’s trying to get others interested in the series despite our library not having most of the books and the books being hard to find.

I recently checked back on the Year of Reading Dangerously site and found that the assigned choice was The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison which I would like to read, too. There is discussion to go with the book, so I may read it later and look back to see what was said at least. Their March selection is Cat’s Eye by Margaret Atwood which I also will have to put off for a later time, because a book I had on hold came in and takes precedence-The Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama. I have been wanting to read it since last summer. It is always on hold at the library, and I think I will only have a week to read it. At least that will put me on track with the reading challenge.

4 Responses to “Year of Reading Dangerously-Feb and Mar”

  1. Andi Says:

    I hope you enjoy The Audacity of Hope as much as I did. It was the first book I read back in 2007, and I just loved it.

  2. minerva66 Says:

    I’ve heard positive things about the book, and I’ve heard enough about what Obama has been saying to be excited about reading it. I do think he is the best current choice for Pres and maybe the best since JFK and RFK. I know that there are many doubters. I have some concerns also, but if we want a better future we will have to trust someone sometime.

  3. minerva66 Says:

    Have had a little more time to read Obama’s book than expected. I’m about halfway through the book, and it confirms my belief that he is the best choice out there. I am amazed that he seems to have a better grasp than all the other politicians of what our people are up against-economically especially. And he seems to be ready to face it (more than any other) to put the U.S. on a positive track once again. Things won’t change without a difference in attitude of the people, but I think we are getting to that place. I have some hope again for our country.

  4. minerva66 Says:

    Andi, what a great book to start the year with!

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