Book of the Month for March 2010

Besides Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time series and Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series, Elantris by Brandon Sanderson is the best book I’ve read in a while. So though it is an adult book, I had to choose it for Book of the Month. It has the feel of a historical fiction book, with just a touch of the magical city. Predominant themes are struggle for control, regarding government and religion, and the actual governance of the area. After reading the book, which I read because Brandon Sanderson was picked by Robert Jordan’s widow to finish his series, I was referred to this great interview with Sanderson  about The Gathering Storm, the most recent book of the Wheel of Time. In it Sanderson talks about how he got into fantasy and what motivates him to write. And yes, I can totally see what he was meaning.


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One Response to “Book of the Month for March 2010”

  1. minerva66 Says:

    Fantasy Folder’s review of Elantris does a better job of explaining the city of Elantris.

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