Book of the Month for Jan 2011

The last couple months have been good reading. I’ve been saving up
selections for BotM. Now it is crunch time, and I had difficulty deciding
what to do. I have to go with The Danger Box, though I could easily have picked Charles and Emma by Deborah Heiligman or Ringside 1925 by Jen Bryant. I want to spotlight their category, because I have read six books related to this theme in the past 2 years (not intentionally) and watched a movie besides. I’m sure the proliferation of the topic is related to 2009 being the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birthdate, not to mention the hostility surrounding teaching the subject. Before reading these books I had little knowledge on the subject due to Texas schools not teaching it and my lack of desire to enlighten myself. While I still haven’t read Darwin’s books, my reading has spurred an interest, and I have a more positive outlook regarding the subject. There is great value in Darwin’s work, whether you want to believe all of his theory or not.


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