Picture Book of the Month for Jan 2011

This month’s selection has more emphasis on the text than the illustrations. I love the story, and the content of the pictures shows much personality.


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2 Responses to “Picture Book of the Month for Jan 2011”

  1. Betsy Parkes Says:

    Great book! I love the illustrations, and kids love the storyline. A fellow teacher reported to me that her students liked the book so much that she had them create and cut out words, like Max does, and then get in groups and form sentences with their combined words. The kids apparently loved it, and we learning the components of a proper sentence without even realizing it (by trial and error with their cut out words.)

    I’ve just discovered your blog. Great stuff! I’ve added it to my favorites so I’ll remember to check it often.

    Betsy Parkes

  2. minerva66 Says:

    Thanks for your nice comment. I think the cooperative sentence building is great, too. It reminds me of my college professor’s story of class paragraph building. And I didn’t even think about it, but I have a friend who teaches 3rd grade, and I wonder if she may be interested in trying it. It’s more tactile than using the chalkboard. Each student can have their hands on words and write them on paper strips or cards. It such a powerful, symbolic activity. Great interaction, too.

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