The Filter Bubble by Eli Pariser

I want to mention this book, though I didn’t want to do a regular review. It is a book worth reading. Eli Pariser is the president and former executive director of the political organization, in which five million members play an active part. The book is a warning about the trend of software giants towards personalizing user experience. This trend will change how the internet is used as a tool. It will become less of a learning experience, as websites serve up what is already familiar to us, unless we become much more active ourselves in searching for new things. An example that he uses often is Facebook, which already is choosing to hide some of our friends’ statuses without us having any idea about it or why. The purpose of the book is to bring awareness and encourage people to take action that will help them to not be directed into a narrow, stereotyped tunnel. Another concern regarding the personalization is the motivation behind it – commercializing the users’ data, which is trampling users’ rights and will obliterate privacy.

Book recommended for mature YA and adults.

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