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Wanted to post this article and comment. The company Oyster, and others, offers unlimited access to their book library for $10 a month. It is an interesting idea, but they are charging too much. It may seem like a deal to those who buy over-priced ebooks regularly, but for someone who rarely can afford to buy a book, it sucks. The library is a better choice for those not all that interested in ebooks.  My library is trying to increase access for those also, but they have a poor contract with the publishers. You wait in line for the book, which isn’t a big deal. But the book loan ends after 2 weeks, which is often not enough time to read the books I read. Still, the only way I could see this would be worth it is for a family account and great access to nonfiction. As is said in the comments, it would be better with a different device. I could not read a book on the iPod. We have a Kindle and Amazon Prime. We should try their free ebooks, but the ones they advertise are not interesting to me. Another comment suggested $2.99 per month. That might be acceptable, but I don’t want to see the libraries non-supported to make room for these businesses.

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