Wink! The Ninja Who Wanted to Nap by J. C. Phillipps.
Viking/Penguin Group: NY, 2011.

After traveling with The Lucky Dragon Circus, Wink comes home for a much needed rest. He visits his old ninja school and is delayed by journalists and fans. He lays down for his nap, but can't sleep for the fans peeking in the window. He decides to go for a walk to see if he can lose them long enough for a nap. No matter what trick he uses, he cannot shake them. They are not far behind. He ends up at his old school again, and his revered teacher has a plan.

This sequel to Wink! The Ninja Who Wanted to Be Noticed doesn't have quite the pizazz the first book had, but it's still a good story and the pictures are awesome. (Maybe it's just the new concept vs sequel syndrome.) Phillipps has masterfully created even more detailed scenes with her collages, including three miniature scenes on one page. With little dialogue, Phillipps conveys great energy, action, and emotion. Wink, Grandmother, and Master Zutsu have personality. And I can't say enough about her details in the collages. She has more than lived up to her first book, regarding describing her story through images.

related-naps, rest, vacation, old friends, too much attention, celebrity status, ninjas, wise old teacher, paper craft, collage art
RL=1st-3rd, read aloud to toddler-K

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