Tiffany Aching Adventures by Terry Pratchett.
HarperCollins Publishers: NY.
a miniseries within the Discworld series

In Pratchett's series, witchcraft is mostly about intellect and awareness, not magic. Tiffany has older, wiser witches to advise her plus the ever-protective Wee Free Men. Comic and satirical, her adventures are lively and irresistible. See if you don't start exclaiming "Crivens!" on a regular basis.

Wee Free Men: 2003

In the first book of the series, Tiffany meets her first witch, Miss Tick, when the witch observes Tiffany singly handling a nightmare creature from Fairyland who tries to attack her and her brother. Tiffany also sees the Wee Free Men, who are supposed to be invisible unless you have First Sight (the ability to see things as they are instead of how they are expected to be). She is also observed exhibiting Second Thoughts (the ability to step back and think about your thoughts). Both abilities are indications of potential witches.

The kelda (basically a clan queen) of the Wee Free Men (or Nac Mac Feegle) is dying. As she protects the clan, her weakness leaves the area open to invasion by the Queen of Fairyland who likes to steal children. When she takes Tiffany's younger brother, Tiffany joins with the Feegle (pillaging, little blue warriors) to bring him back from Fairyland. If she fails, the Queen's nightmares will be free to roam the countryside.

A Hat Full of Sky: 2004

Tiffany goes to live with Miss Level in the mountains to learn witchcraft. Witchcraft for most of the experienced witches consists mainly of caring for the folks and animals in their villages as a wisewoman would. On the way she is followed by a hiver that latches onto her for her strength. The Wee Free Men (think little, blue and feisty) follow to keep the hiver from killing her. Tiffany and Rob Anybody go through death's door in order to set her free, but it takes Granny Weatherwax to bring them back. It takes Granny Weatherwax to show her what being a witch is.

Light-hearted comedy with colorful (accented) language, but also with some brief psychological insights.
related-witches, fairies, monsters, being yourself, self-knowledge, image vs reality, humorous stories, mythological references

Wintersmith: 2006

Tiffany accidentally takes Summer's place in the annual dance with the Wintersmith, and therefore, she is responsible for ending the winter season. He develops an infatuation and wants to keep her forever. Tiffany must end the courtship without animosity or be prepared to defeat him.

The 3rd book, I believe, is the wittiest with much attention to detail, wonderful insight, lots of action, and nonstop humor.
related-winter, fairies, witches

I Shall Wear Midnight: 2010



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